Bucher Leichtbau offers branding elements for the aviation industry. Image provided by Bucher Leichtbau

Bucher Leichtbau offers stand-out branding elements

14 February 2024 11:48

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Fällanden - Bucher Leichtbau creates distinctive branding elements for the aviation industry. Together with the cabin interior, these are intended to represent high quality.

Bucher Leichtbau AG from Fällanden in the canton of Zurich creates branding solutions and cabin interiors for the aviation industry. Referring to its service, the company writes that Bucher Leichtbau AG can transform any design into a 3D element and integrate it with various lighting systems to ensure that each logo stands out in perfect balance – whether it is a simple, eye-catching design with a multi-colored surface or a branding element with an easily customizable logo.

“More than ever, branding elements and cabin interiors are indispensable in the aviation industry, where they provide a distinguishing feature and represent proof of quality," Sales Director Bruno Goujon is quoted as saying. Bucher specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality interiors for commercial aircraft and VIP interiors for business jets. It is a trusted partner of both Airbus and Boeing. Bucher Leichtbau’s service offers everything from a single source, from development and certification to production and delivery. 

The company, currently managed by Beat Burlet in the third generation, goes back to Heinrich Bucher. In 1953, the master plumber at Swissair specialized in the repair and maintenance of galleys. In 1992, when the company was handed down to the three descendants of the second generation, the AG was founded. By then, Bucher Leichtbau had acquired other airlines besides Swissair as customers, including Scandinavia Airlines, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines. In addition to its headquarters in Fällanden, Bucher Leichtbau has a presence in the US state of Washington near the Boeing plant in Everett and in Sinn-Fleisbach, Germany.

During the Singapore Airshow from 20 to 25 February, Bruno Goujon will be available to provide further information on the branding elements. ce/gba

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