Bühler opens food innovation hub in Uzwil

27 November 2023 09:14


Uzwil - Bühler has unveiled its new food innovation hub. With its new application and training centers, the technology firm is seeking to bundle its expertise at the Uzwil headquarters in the canton of St.Gallen. Moreover, there will be a focus on the circular economy here as well.

Bühler, the technology company based in the St.GallenBodenseeArea, has opened a new food innovation hub at its headquarters in Uzwil. According to a press release, this will house four application and training centers, namely the Flavor Creation Center, Food Creation Center, Protein Application Center and Energy Recovery Center, which have now opened their doors to customers and are supplementing the work of the existing centers, including the Extrusion Application Center. As the press release explains further, the new application and training centers serve to connect the entire value chain and facilitate a circular economy approach within the food industry. At the Uzwil site, customers will be given the opportunity to react to market changes and shape the food of the future by leveraging Bühler’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise.

“In this world where requirements are changing so fast, customers need flexibility and creativity to adapt their products addressing key issues such as sustainability, the use of local raw materials, healthy diets, and affordability”, comments Johannes Wick, CEO of the Grains & Food division at the Bühler Group, in the press release. “With the completion of the new application and training centers we are able to cover the entire scope of production, from different raw materials to multiple types of finished products. We can offer our customers enormous flexibility and the options they need to disrupt their markets”, Wick concludes.

Bühler operates application and training centers at 23 locations around the world, some of which are suited to covering several industrial applications. ce/ww

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