Chopfab Boxer brewery and Circular Food Solutions are now selling meat alternatives made from spent grains. Image credit: Chopfab

Chopfab and Circular Food launch vegan meat alternatives

24 April 2024 11:19

Greater Zurich

Winterthur/Lenzburg - Chopfab Boxer brewery and Circular Food Solutions are now selling their meat alternatives made from spent grains at Migros and Volg. Thanks to a specially developed process, the brewery by-product can be sustainably returned to the lifecycle.

Chopfab Boxer brewery from Winterthur in the canton of Zurich and Circular Food Solutions AG from Lenzburg in the canton of Aargau are launching meat substitutes based on spent grains in the supermarkets Migros and Volg. Their vegan versions of sliced meat, minced meat and burger patties are made from spent grains and supplemented with organic pea and soya flour, explains a statement. 

The raw material is a by-product of the beer brewing process and was previously used as animal feed, according to the company. The upcycling process brings “a high-quality plant-based meat alternative to the market”, Philip Bucher, Managing Director of Chopfab Boxer, is quoted as saying.

During production, the brewery uses a “globally unique process that guarantees the freshness, texture and flavour of the meat alternatives”. During a test phase with leading meat processors, the product achieved “outstanding flavour characteristics with the best consistency”, according to Christoph Nyfeler, owner of Circular Food Solutions Switzerland AG.

The Winterthur brewery, which is renowned throughout Switzerland for its craft beers, spent several years on planning and construction. Upcycling spent grains is an important contribution to sustainable nutrition. ce/heg

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