Circelligence makes circular economy measurable

22 November 2023 14:33


Schaan /Zurich / Biel - Hilti, Boston Consulting Group and SAP have developed a score for the circular economy. Circelligence enables the implementation of circularity principles in operations to be recorded. Hilti has already applied its methodology.

Hilti, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and SAP have developed a methodology that enables implementation of circular economy principles to be measured. “There is no internationally recognized standard for measuring circularity as opposed to, for example, measuring greenhouse gas emissions,” says Caroline Stern, Head of Circular Economy at the Hilti Group, in a press release issued by the global Schaan-based tool manufacturer. “So, we created one for our purposes.”

Hilti was the first company to take BCG’s Circelligence methodology and develop its own circularity score. “While working with the Hilti Group and SAP, BCG was able to digitize Circelligence and improve it with a user-friendly web-app interface,” explains Alexander Meyer zum Felde, Global Product Lead Circular Economy at BCG. “We're proud to see how the Hilti Group has pioneered the development and use of this methodology, and we’re looking forward to seeing how Circelligence can help other organizations improve their circularity initiatives, achieving greater resource efficiency by doing more with less.”

Hilti’s circularity approach is based on “reduce, reuse and recycle”. The Group offers a tool park adapted to the customer’s needs in its leasing service. At the end of the contract, used tools are, where possible, refurbished for short-term use in the loan program or donated to non-profit organizations. Discarded tools are dismantled and used as spare parts or separated into recycling fractions. ce/hs

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