Circular Clothing registers more than 30 new certified products

05 December 2023 11:52

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Zurich - Within the space of just 12 months, three members of the Circular Clothing cooperative have launched more than 30 new textile products certified in line with the Cradle to Cradle Certified standard. Lavie, STUNED and the Blue suit have also set up a joint supply chain for this purpose.

The cooperative members of Circular Clothing, namely lavie, STUNED and the Blue suit, have, in the first year following the launch of the first Cradle to Cradle Certified collection from the Blue suit, added more than 30 new, certified items of clothing, accessories and home textiles to their product ranges. Cradle to Cradle is the world’s leading standard for environmentally and socially sustainable recycling.

According to a press release issued by Circular Clothing, the fact that this milestone was possible is based on a shared supply chain and access to circular materials and production processes. For example, the Cradle to Cradle certified Black Denim collection from the Blue suit, which was launched in 2022, represents the starting point for the joint supply chain and certification.

In order for the products of today to become the raw materials of tomorrow, a circular approach is required, for which small companies need to be supported in particular. This was provided, for example, by the Migros Pioneer Fund, the STF Swiss Textile & Fashion Institute and the accredited assessor for Cradle to Cradle Certified certifications epeaswitzerland.

New styles of pants developed by the Blue suit have all received the bronze award from Cradle to Cradle Certified, although all the materials used here are Gold standard, with the exception of the non-certified stitching yarn, which the company chose due to reasons of quality. The Made to Last capsule collection of Italian denim decorative cushions and aprons from Lavie has been awarded Cradle to Cradle Gold. STUNED has expanded its collection of high-quality bags with the addition of new models, all of which feature Cradle to Cradle Gold-certified components. ce/mm

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