ClearSpace sets up subsidiary in the USA

20 April 2023 13:02

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Renens/Colorado Springs - ClearSpace has announced that it is establishing a subsidiary in the USA called ClearSpace Today. This is the first time that the company from the canton of Vaud specializing in sustainable aerospace services is expanding outside of Europe.

The DeepTech company ClearSpace now has a subsidiary in the USA: ClearSpace Today Inc. According to a press release, with this the company is expanding beyond Europe and bringing its core technologies to the world’s largest aerospace sector.

The startup was founded in the canton of Vaud in 2018 and attracted some attention in the industry in 2020 when it received a main order from the European Space Agency amounting to almost 100 million US dollars. This was for the development and implementation of the world’s first mission to remove space debris.

Since then, the company states that it has grown into a “world-class team of nearly 100 people”. It has a holding company in Luxembourg and engineering teams in Switzerland, the UK, Germany, Luxembourg, and now also in the USA. In its most recent series A funding round at the start of the year, ClearSpace raised 26 million euros.

According to the information provided, with the help of its partners in the USA, ClearSpace plans to expand its service offering to include not only the disposal and life extension of spacecraft but also transport, inspection, assembly, manufacturing, repair, and recycling in space.

CEO and Co-Founder Luc Piguet commented: “Now is the time to build the capabilities and relationships that will make our space operations safer and more sustainable, and we are confident that in-orbit services will promote further acceleration of commercial space activities while simultaneously safeguarding this precious environment for future generations.” mm

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