Cortexia accelerates global expansion with CHF 2.35 million funding

19 December 2023 10:40

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Fribourg - Cortexia, a Fribourg-based AI and environment solutions pioneer, has successfully raised CHF 2.35 million to fuel its international growth and explore new application domains.

Renowned for its AI-powered environmental solutions, notably in urban cleanliness management, Cortexia‘s technology has already proven effective in cities like Basel, Geneva, and Frankfurt, with clients including Veolia and Suez. The firm’s technology platform not only enhances cleaning service quality but also significantly reduces resource usage and environmental impact.

The new investment round is a strong vote of confidence, as noted by CEO Andréas von Kaenel. It reflects investors’ belief in Cortexia’s business model and growth potential. Johannes Schön from Remondis Digital Services commends Cortexia’s impactful solution to core environmental services. Bloomhaus and Spicehaus Partners bring their experience in scaling B2B industrial software firms, recognizing Cortexia’s unique software-hardware integration. Kurrant Ventures, an expert in city digitalization, sees Cortexia as a pioneer in smart city solutions.

Cortexia’s progress includes a Swiss Accelerator funding from Innosuisse for a bio-waste recycling solution and leading the “Alliance for the Improvement of the Quality of Biowaste” in Switzerland. The company is expanding its footprint in Europe, focusing on France, Germany, and the Benelux region. The combination of strategic investment and Cortexia’s innovative approach positions the company for significant growth in sustainable urban management, addressing critical environmental challenges. ggba

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