Cutiss announces positive one-year data for denovoSkin

15 February 2024 09:18

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Schlieren - Cutiss has published the results of a one-year study on its skin alternative denovoSkin. The data from the Phase 2 clinical trial in adult and adolescent severe burn patients are positive.

Cutiss AG, which specializes in skin grafts, has announced positive data from the one-year Phase 2 clinical trial of its lead product denovoSkin in adult and adolescent patients with severe burns. Following the positive primary endpoint in the first quarter of 2023, the one-year study evaluated the long-term safety and quality of the scars, according to a statement.

The Phase 2 data and results to date demonstrate that denovoSkin, a bilayered (epidermis and dermis) skin graft, can safely cover severe burn wounds, while significantly sparing patients’ healthy donor sites and improving overall scar quality when compared to standard patient treatment, the statement continues.

“The accomplishments of the past decade have placed us in the midst of an important paradigm shift in burn treatment: from mortality, that used to be the primary concern, to areas that focus on the quality of life of burn survivors,” Professor Martin Meuli, Chairman of CUTISS, is quoted as saying. Conceptually understanding the epidermis as “life” whereas dermis as “quality of life” is maybe simplistic, continued Meuli, “but nonetheless useful to understand the impact that denovoSkin” can potentially have in burn surgery.”

Cutiss was founded in 2017 as a spin-off from the University of Zurich (UZH) and is based at the Bio-TechnoparkSchlieren-Zurich in the canton of Zurich. ce/gba

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