Drones are set to improve the management of accidents in cities in the future. Image provided by Datwyler IT Infra

Datwyler IT Infra to deploy drones for accident management services

13 October 2023 08:30

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Altdorf - Datwyler IT Infra is joining forces with Drone Harmony from Dübendorf and the Chinese firm DJI. The partners are planning to deploy drones in the aftermath of road accidents in urban areas. The drones will make first aid kits available and deliver real-time images to the emergency services.

Datwyler IT Infra from Altdorf in the canton of Uri has agreed a partnership with Drone Harmony from Dübendorf in the canton of Zurich and the Chinese drone manufacturer DJI, further details of which  can be found in a press release. The aim of the partnership is to facilitate faster and more effective responses to road accidents in urban areas with the use of drone technology.

In specific terms, drones will be flown directly to the location of the accident and provide an overview of the situation by way of high-resolution cameras. Then intention is for this data to be forwarded on to emergency services in real time. At the same time, the drones are to be equipped with first aid kits, which they will make available without delay at the accident site.

For this partnership, Datwyler IT Infra is bringing its Outdoor Smart Modular Data Center to the table. These units, which work on the basis of edge computing, will be installed at multiple locations across the city. They enable real-time data processing close to where the data is generated. Thanks to these units, the data collected by the drones can be transmitted to emergency service workers in real time. DJI is supporting the project with its drones, while Drone Harmony is contributing to the partnership with its expertise in piloting the drones.

“The future of smart cities is evolving before our eyes, and Datwyler's partnership with DJI and Drone Harmony is a prime example of how innovative technology can revolutionize the accident management”, as Dätwyler IT Infra explains in the press release.

Datwyler IT Infra will be present at the GITEX GLOBAL tech trade fair, which is taking place October 16-20 in Dubai. ce/ssp

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