Daphne Technology has developed a technology designed to reduce methane emissions in natural gas-powered engines. Image provided by Daphne Technology SA

Daphne Technology reduces methane emissions in gas engines

10 April 2024 10:14

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Saint-Sulpice - Daphne Technology is currently using a liquid natural gas tanker to demonstrate its technology designed to reduce methane emissions in natural gas-powered engines. The technology can also be used in offshore installations, gas compressors and generators. Lloyd’s Register, Wärtisilä and Shell are partners in the project.

An ongoing Daphne Technology project is aiming to tackle the problem of methane slippage in shipping. To achieve this, the company’s SlipPure technology has been installed on the liquid natural gas tanker Maran Gas Chios. Daphne Technology says the technology is significantly reducing methane emissions in natural gas-powered engines. The company – which is a spin-off from the Swiss Plasma Center at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne – has joined forces with partners Lloyd's RegisterWärtislä and Shell to work on the project.

Methane slippage arises in zones of natural gas-powered engines in which the fuel is not fully used or combusted. The methane escapes into the atmosphere, where its impact is 21 times more harmful to the climate than CO2. According to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, methane is responsible for 11 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and a quarter of methane emissions are attributable to the oil and gas industry.

Daphne says its project shows that this problem can be addressed, “whether on board a trading vessel, in an offshore installation, in a gas compressor or in a generator”. In addition, the PureMetrics system that Daphne has installed on the ship provides data on greenhouse gas emissions in real time, ensuring compliance with regulations. PureMetrics has been awarded the Approval in Principle (AiP) by Lloyd’s Register.

Daphne is proud to be doing pioneering work, according to company founder and CEO Dr Mario Michan. Daphne’s solutions “not only represent innovative solutions for the maritime industry, but also help further the global sustainability agenda”.

Daphne Technology will be represented at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, which will take place from April 16 to 18. ce/mm


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