Deloitte and Nexxiot enter into strategic partnership for logistics

17 October 2023 09:44

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Zurich - Deloitte is the new integration partner for Nexxiot technology. The consulting firm combines its regulatory competencies with Nexxiot’s network comprising sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to digitalize supply chain logistics for shipping containers and railcars.

Deloitte has officially announced the launch of KYX powered by Nexxiot, further details of which can be found in a press release. This innovation represents a combination of the established regulatory Know Your Client services offered by the Zurich-based business consulting firm with the Know Your Cargo expertise of Nexxiot, whose network of sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers insights into supply chain inefficiencies, reduces uncertainties and cuts operating costs for container and rail freight services.

The CINFONI (Client Information Network Intelligence) platform from Nexxiot has regulatory approval for generating, implementing, recycling, and exchanging key data sets pertaining to customers within the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sectors.

According to the information, Deloitte will play a vital role as integration partner with responsibility for the implementation of this joint digital offering. Stefan Kalmund, CEO of Nexxiot, explains in the press release how the partnership “will accelerate the adoption of fleet-wide technologies, fostering visibility, transparency and operational excellence”.

“Through this partnership, we aim to set a new global standard for KYX services, benefitting all stakeholders in the logistics sector, including trade finance, banking and insurance. Deloitte and Nexxiot offer new services based on real-time data, covering all aspects of KYX from door-to-door, internationally”, comments James Yearsley, Lead Partner for the Transportation, Hospitality and Services Sector for North & South Europe at Deloitte, in the press release. ce/mm

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