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05 June 2024 09:24

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Vaduz/Thalwil - The location initiative is launching a new jobs portal for vacancies in the ICT sector. The portal will be beneficial to jobseekers and members of who are looking for qualified professionals.

The location initiative, which is based in Vaduz, has worked together with Swiss specialists to establish a new jobs portal for the ICT sector. According to a press release, a fully automated intelligent search function will find job advertisements placed on the company websites of initiative members. These vacancy notices will then be published on the jobs portal and on over 200 work and professional platforms.

The portal has been produced together with experts from jobchannel AG, which is located in Thalwil in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. Members of can use it free of charge. Based on figures compiled by ICT-Berufsbildung Schweiz (an organization for vocational ICT training in Switzerland), the platform founders anticipate that 120,000 additional IT professionals will be needed in Switzerland and Liechtenstein by 2030. According to the press release, the industry already has a shortage of 40,000 employees. The platform is currently listing 100 vacancies, from entry-level jobs right the way up to managerial positions.

“Many of our member companies expressly requested that we launch a jobs portal exclusively for ICT jobs, and we therefore included and implemented this as a specific action in the digital roadmap,” explains Patrick Stahl from ce/ww


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