DKSH collaborates with Trautec in North America

13 June 2024 09:32

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Zurich/Jiangsu - DKSH has entered into a collaboration with Trautec. Specifically, the service and business provider will market the human collagen technology developed by the medical collagen manufacturer in the cosmetic industry in Canada and the USA.

DKSH has concluded a sales agreement with Trautec, a Chinese medical collagen manufacturer based in the province of Jiangsu. According to a press release, the service and business provider based in Zurich, Switzerland, will market the cutting-edge human collagen technologies developed by Trautec in Canada and the USA. These synthetic recombinant human collagens (SRHC) are used in various skincare and haircare products, such as anti-aging creams and products to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, prevent UV damage, decrease inflammation, promote thick hair, and repair the scalp. Trautec is a pioneer in the manufacture of these animal-free recombinant human collagens. The Chinese manufacturer’s products display high stability and efficacy and are very similar to human collagens.

DKSH was selected to grow the business on the American continent due to its extensive sales network and expertise. Roland Kraut, Vice President of Personal Care Industry at DKSH, commented in the press release: “We are delighted to partner with Trautec to distribute their SRHC recombinant human collagen technology for skincare and haircare in the personal care industry in Canada and the USA. Our robust distribution network and value-added service offering will enable us to increase growth and market penetration for Trautec’s range of ingredients for the personal care industry.” ce/ww

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