Edelweiss expands long-haul offering to include Canada

14 September 2023 09:20

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Kloten - Planes operated by the airline Edelweiss will undertake long-haul flights more frequently in the summer flight plan for 2024. For example, they will fly to destinations in Canada and the USA more frequently as well as to Oman and Thailand. Two new destinations will be added for Colombia.

Edelweiss Air based at Zurich Airport plans to reinforce its air traffic flying to the USA and Canada. According to a press release, this is a response to increased demand this year. As such, there will be daily flights to Vancouver in the summer flight plan for 2024. Calgary is another Canadian destination that will be served with flights up to three times a week.

Edelweiss plans to double the frequency of flights to Tampa across the entire year and so will transport passengers to the Florida city up to four times a week. Saturday flights to Las Vegas will be resumed and Denver will be on the flight plan three times a week from June 2024.

In spring and fall next year, two planes will take off for Muscat in Oman and Phuket in Thailand per week as opposed to the one flight previously. Two destinations in Colombia, Bogota and Cartagena, will be added to Edelweiss’ route network in November 2023. Additionally, three flights will arrive in South Africa’s capital of Cape Town per week instead of two. The airline will serve a total of 23 long-haul destinations in the summer flight plan for 2024. ce/ww

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