Energie Zukunft Schweiz merges international subsidiaries into Renera Group

10 March 2023 14:32


Basel - The energy solutions company Energie Zukunft Schweiz AG is merging its subsidiary businesses in Germany, Italy, Spain and Romania into the Renera Group. The goal is to make better use of synergies between the companies. The name Renera symbolizes the transition to the era of renewable energy.

Energie Zukunft Schweiz AG is merging its subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, Spain and Romania into an international group of companies under the name Renera. The merger aims to better use the synergies between the national companies, explains the Basel-based development, trading and consulting company and specialist in renewable energies and energy efficiency in a statement. The new corporate brand should also bring employees closer together and minimize complexity for customers.

The word Renera is a compound of renewable era. It embodies "the idea of a turning point in time" – specifically the transition to the renewable energy era, writes the statement. "The energy transition is a global task, so we always knew we wanted to take our energy transition expertise beyond our Swiss borders and into other countries," commented CEO Aeneas Wanner. According to the statement, the company plans to open a sixth location in a further country. "We have now grown from 40 to 200 employees in just under four years, and we will probably create another 500 jobs in the next four years," Wanner said in the statement. hs

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