EPFL launches Tech4Regeneration program to spearhead regenerative economy

26 March 2024 12:04

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Lausanne - The EPFL Innovation Park’s Tech4Regeneration program has launched, uniting key players to forge a path towards a regenerative economy in response to global environmental crises.

In a move to confront the escalating environmental and social crises, the EPFL Innovation Park announced the launch of the Tech4Regeneration program on 19 March 2024. In collaboration with Romande Energie, Logitech, and supported by the canton of Vaud, this initiative marks a significant stride towards fostering solutions capable of restoring vital conditions for life on Earth. The program has selected 20 start-ups as part of its mission to mobilize a wide array of stakeholders towards a regenerative economic model.

Tech4Regeneration aims to transform innovative technological solutions into drivers of environmental and societal healing by leveraging EPFL and the burgeoning cleantech start-up scene in Western Switzerland. The program will leverage the collective expertise of sustainability consultants, business development trainers, and investors in incubating a new economy which replenishes natural resources while meeting human and social needs.

Following a competitive selection process, which attracted 68 applications from 14 countries and 10 Swiss cantons, the 20 chosen start-ups will engage in a comprehensive 9-month acceleration program. This program will offer training workshops, tailored coaching, and networking opportunities with industrial partners, customers, and potential investors. The participants will also benefit from financial support and field-testing opportunities, aiming to establish them as leaders in the burgeoning regenerative economy.

The Tech4Regeneration program is part of a larger vision to create a “Regeneration Hub” at the EPFL’s Ecotope, fostering a global community of pioneers committed to co-creating and collaborating on regenerative solutions. This initiative represents a critical step towards reimagining and rebuilding an economy that thrives within the Earth’s ecological limits, promising a sustainable and prosperous future for humanity.  ggba

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