EPFL seeks to deepen knowledge of dark matter

10 July 2024 09:08

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Lausanne/Beijing- The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) has joined a project led by Tsinghua University to better understand the young universe, dark matter and dark energy. The two universities have agreed to collaborate on the Multi Spectroscopic Telescope project.

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) has joined the Multi Spectroscopic Telescope (MUST) project headed up by Tsinghua University in Beijing, which aims to deepen understanding of the universe, dark energy and dark matter. According to a press release, the project, which is being led by the Department of Astronomy at Tsinghua University, is set to become a milestone in cosmological research and deliver insights into the young universe with an unprecedented level of detail. Martin Vetterli, President of the EPFL, and Li Luming, President of Tsinghua University, signed a collaboration agreement in Beijing that officially recognizes the EPFL as a project participant.

The EPFL will make a major contribution to the 6.5-meter telescope with cutting-edge, high-precision technology. Scientists from the EPFL’s Astrobots Group will also develop a modular fiber positioning robotic system. The press release explains that these robots will carry out extremely high-density galaxy mapping of the universe. It adds that MUST will give EPFL access to a next- generation spectroscopic survey that is able to uncover hundreds of millions of distant galaxies.

“With a 10 to 20-fold increase in survey capacity over current spectroscopic surveys, MUST will map the universe more comprehensively and at greater distances than ever before, deepening our knowledge of dark energy and dark matter,” says Professor Jean-Paul Kneib, head of the Laboratory of Astrophysics (LASTRO) and the EPFL lead in this project. “The EPFL-Tsinghua collaboration will develop global scientific partnerships, promising transformative discoveries in our understanding of the universe and fundamental science, also taking advantage of the numerous data-science expertise at EPFL,” adds Martin Vetterli. ce/eb


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