FREITAG launches bags made from airbags

13 June 2024 09:14

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Zurich - FREITAG is launching two new bag styles made from disused airbags. The collection features small and large shopper-style bags with colorful handles made from recycled tension belts.

FREITAG has brought two new bag styles to market. According to a press release, the “shoppers” are created from disused airbags. The new models from the textile company based in Zurich, Switzerland, are available in two sizes. The smaller bag, F700 Arrow, and the extra-large style, F708 Firebird, are manufactured using original parts with no changes made to the original forms. When only filled a little, the bags take on a tube-like shape. When completely filled, they assume the rounded form of an inflated airbag. FREITAG calls this the “airbag effect”.

Used tension belts serve as the handles, having become soft and supple after years of use. According to the press release, the material has its own shape and creases as every airbag is made from material of a different color and was folded into a vehicle differently. This makes each and every bag unique.

The new airbag bags are available online and in FREITAG outlets from June 12. ce/ww

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