Geobrugg receives approval for US motorsport

06 December 2023 09:46

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Romanshorn/Paris - Geobrugg has received certification from the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile for motorsport in the USA. The company from the canton of Thurgau is now approved to provide safety fences for motor racing events such as Indycar and NASCAR.

Geobrugg, the high-strength fencing company based in the St.GallenBodenseeArea, has received certification from the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) for American motorsport. According to a statement from the company, Geobrugg can now equip racing events such as Indycar or NASCAR with protective fencing. The 12-foot (approximately 3.6-meter) high mobile fencing system is slightly shorter than the fences normally used in Formula 1. It is tailored to the American dimensions used on race tracks in the country. According to the statement, the fences have already been used at the Indycar Music City Grand Prix in Nashville and the Detroit Grand Prix, as well as at NASCAR's first road race in Chicago earlier this year.

The fence was adapted to meet FIA standard 3502-2018, the highest safety level provided by the world motorsport organization. To achieve this, the fence was subjected to a series of demanding tests. Among others, a 780-kilogram bullet was fired against it at 60 kilometers per hour and a car was impacted at 150 kilometers per hour to ensure that it remained within a three-meter catch zone.

“The US is a special market for us at Geobrugg with our business growing year-on-year in the region,” commented Jochen Braunwarth, Director of Motorsport Solutions at Geobrugg. “The need for homologated solutions has grown, giving Geobrugg the push to create this special 12ft US mobile debris fence solution, which can suit a range of American racing series.” ce/ww

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