Haelixa enters into partnership with Argor-Heraeus and Codelco

05 January 2023 13:20

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Kemptthal/Santiago de Chile - Haelixa has entered into a strategic partnership with two metal producers for the tracing of their products. The partners, Argor-Heraeus Latin America and Codelco, are both Chilean companies specializing in precious metals.

Haelixa, a startup from Kemptthal in the canton of Zurich specializing in product tracing, has entered into a strategic partnership with the gold bar producer Argor-Heraeus Latin America and the world’s largest copper producer, Codelco. According to a press release from Haelixa, the two new partners based in Chile’s capital city, Santiago, have committed to the tracing of mined metals.

According to Haelixa’s own information, it has developed a unique DNA marker that can be applied to 99.99-percent pure gold bars on site. It is invisible and does not change the appearance or properties of the product. The marker is applied as a fine mist that evaporates quickly and adheres to the surface of raw gold. Haelixa states that it can be detected there for years using PCR tests.

CEO and Co-Founder of Haelixa Michela Puddu commented: “Traceability from the place of origin to the refinery is essential for provenance in mining. In an industry that is undergoing regulatory changes, we can guarantee forensic proof along the supply chain.”

Max Oemick, CEO of the Chilean-Swiss company Argor-Heraeus Latin America, believes that traceability solutions must be adopted by everyone in this industry. He adds that it is important for the supply chain and customers, and that the new partners “aspire to be leaders and set the standard for the future, and for other precious metals.” gba

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