Haelixa has partnered with Hong Kong-based supplier Artwell to enhance the traceability of its cashmere from fibre to finished garment. Image provided by Haelixa

Haelixa supporting Artwell to ensure transparency of cashmere products

27 October 2023 09:28

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Kemptthal/Hong Kong - Haelixa, a company that makes products traceable on the basis of DNA markers, has entered into a cooperation with the cashmere supplier Artwell. Both companies are therefore striving to ensure that the journey of cashmere products is transparent from the original fiber right through to the finished product.

Haelixa, the specialists in transparent product traceability based in The Valley in Kemptthal in the canton of Zurich, has signed a cooperation agreement with the cashmere supplier Artwell from Hong Kong. According to a press release, Haelixa is already applying its DNA markers to the cashmere fibers of Artwell's goat herds from Inner Mongolia. The subsequent journey of this wool can then be digitally traced both via the QR codes that are sent out with the deliveries and via PCR tests of the wool DNA. With this step, Artwell’s ambition is to ensure transparency across the entire production and distribution process of its goods, while at the same time the aim is for this transparency to guarantee sustainability and environmental compatibility of the production chain from animal welfare to retail.

Haelixa is a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH). The start-up offers solutions for product traceability on the basis of DNA, with the aim of supporting transparency in supply chains and the integrity of the products. In the case of applying the DNA markers to the Mongolian herds, the combination of digital and physical traceability ensures that the fibers are not removed or altered during processing (dehairing, dyeing, spinning or knitting).

“After witnessing the care and consideration given to each step in the manufacturing process of cashmere, we were inspired to contribute to transparency along the journey of this exceptional fiber”, comments Gediminas Mikutis, CEO of Haelixa, in the press release. ce/ww

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