Hamilton presents white paper on cultivated meat production

20 December 2023 09:33

Greater Zurich

Bonaduz - Medtech company Hamilton Process Analytics has published a white paper on cultivated meat production, in which it presents problems and possible solutions in this area.

Medtech company Hamilton Process Analytics, which is based in the canton of Graubünden, has released a white paper entitled “PAT to Optimize the Cost, Consistency, and Yield of Cultivated Meat Production”. As a press release explains, the document highlights problems, risks and possible solutions in the production of cultivated meat and other protein sources through cellular agriculture.

The paper reveals that 150 companies are already operating in the area of cultivated meat production worldwide. According to the press release, if current trends continue, the global market for cultivated meat is likely to grow. The press release also points out that the industry faces obstacles such as government regulations, slow consumer acceptance and high production costs. In the paper, Hamilton identifies the biggest cost drivers and suggests Process Analytic Technologies (PAT) as a means of solving the problems. These enable control of production parameters and ensure sustainable manufacturing processes with lower CO2 emissions.

“Our innovative sensor technologies are not just tools; they are catalysts for achieving more reliable, reproducible results in cultivated meat production,” says Aniekan Esenam, Strategic Business Development Manager at Hamilton. “Hamilton is dedicated to driving advancements in this burgeoning industry, and we are excited to collaborate with scientific pioneers to shape a future where sustainable, high-quality protein sources are efficiently and ethically produced for generations to come.” ce/ww


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