HeiQ concludes animal hygiene partnership in Poland

21 September 2023 10:41

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Schlieren/Drwalew/Gorslas - HeiQ will provide its symbiotic products to veterinarians and farmers in Poland via its new Polish partner, Biowet Drwalew. These animal hygiene products aim to decrease the need for antibiotics.

HeiQ based in Schlieren in the canton of Zurich has concluded an exclusive partnership with Biowet Drwalew, a Polish manufacturer and distributor of animal health and cleaning products. According to a press release, Biowet Drwalew will receive the exclusive rights for distribution of the proprietary symbiotic products for animal hygiene from HeiQ’s biotech division, HeiQ Chrisal. They will be offered to veterinarians and agricultural staff there in future under the name Bioval.

These patented products for symbiotic animal hygiene are combinations of probiotics (good microorganisms) and prebiotics (good nutrients). They are used for cleaner water, for cleaning animal stables, and for a balanced surface microbiome, for example for chicken farming. According to HeiQ, they promote animal health, reduce the need for antibiotics, enable cost-effective agriculture, and simultaneously decrease air and water pollution.

The Welsh agritech company Pruex, which aims to combat the use of antibiotics in agriculture, is supporting HeiQ and Biowet Drwalew with the market launch. Pruex has already been a partner of HeiQ Chrisal in the UK since 2017 and was heavily involved in introducing the symbiotic products to the UK’s agricultural sector. Pruex is providing Biowet Drwalew with training to ensure the seamless integration of Bioval.

Aled Rhys Davies, Director of Pruex Ltd, commented that Pruex is working on replicating the success it has achieved in the UK with thousands of satisfied customers. He added: “Together, we will be transforming animal care standards for the better.” ce/mm

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