Helbling drives the Internet of Things into the future

05 December 2023 14:19

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Zurich - Helbling helps companies decide on the best future strategies for the Internet of Things (IoT) within the framework of new standards such as Matter. Matter aims to create a standardized ecosystem in the home, but it is not suitable for all applications.

As an innovation service provider, the Zurich-based engineering and consulting firm Helbling is particularly active in the smart home sector, in which there are still very different communication systems. Helbling's experts help companies achieve greater standardization in this area. According to a specialist article, the new Matter standard is the latest tool for this. It is designed to implement networking in an ecosystem that was the purpose of the Internet of Things (IoT): a standardized language for all devices in a household. It facilitates the control of the majority of a household’s electrical appliances via Matter and a single app.

Some products are already compatible with Matter – mainly light sources and switchable sockets, according to the Helbling analysis. This is partly due to the fact that the lighting sector is one of the most important in the smart home environment. Products are being developed primarily in the fields of security technology and air conditioning, but the experts write that there is still potential for countless applications. Currently, it is unlikely that Matter can always be proven to be of added value for the manufacturer – partly because the process is lengthy and time-consuming. However, there are also clear advantages for the future of appliances if it is implemented: for example, ensuring future Matter-compatibility and guaranteeing system security.

These aspects must be considered in each individual case to make a sustainable decision, according to the article. Helbling experts can be on hand to provide independent advice. If a company decides in favor of Matter, Helbling will support the development process and, with corresponding infrastructure, the certification too. ce/yvh

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