Helbling develops lighting demonstrator for interiors

02 February 2023 09:37

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Zurich - The Zurich-based engineering and consulting company Helbling has developed a device to show the possibilities of the lighting standard Intelligent Smart Embedded LED (ISELED). The demonstrator allows Helbling to test different scenarios for customers and to implement them cost-effectively.

The engineering and consulting company Helbling, which is based in Zurich, has developed a demonstrator for the options offered by the lighting standard Intelligent Smart Embedded LED, or ISELED. According to a technical article, the demonstrator can show various lighting scenarios, such as those used in self-driving cars.

The demonstrator shows “how the light of a few LEDs can be homogenized by light scattering using a simple rapid prototyping process and distributed efficiently in a targeted manner”, writes the article. Homogeneous light distribution, including from different viewing angles, is particularly important in extensive light strips and areas. These are common in the automotive and consumer goods industries.

ISELED is currently being tested in autonomous vehicles in order to communicate with the people in the interior via dynamic color changes when, for example, a dangerous situation is imminent or to provide information about the condition of the vehicle. In developing the product, the Helbling experts ensured that solutions based on it can be implemented cost-effectively on a large scale.

The demonstrator can be used in other sectors, according to the article. It can also be adapted to the respective environment and the target application in terms of interfaces, mechanics and optical design. Using a PC-based user interface, users can variably control the individual LEDs of the demonstrator, create color gradients and configure dynamic light changes.

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