Helbling develops cloud solutions that respect data privacy

05 April 2023 08:41

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Zurich - When developing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, it is important to address both data protection and sustainability criteria. The engineering and consulting firm Helbling is now demonstrating how this can be achieved.

In a recent project, the Zurich-based engineering and consulting firm Helbling supported a leading global hearing aid manufacturer with the migration of its software from a desktop application to a Software-as-a-Service solution. From the outset, Helbling ensured the safeguarding of data protection, while at the same time creating an economically scalable solution, according to a technical article.

Cloud computing and SaaS offer an attractive solution for making software both more cost-effective and more ecologically sustainable, it writes. This is because hardware and software that several customers can access virtually via the internet are less resource intensive. Helbling’s customers are increasingly taking this benefit into account. “Leveraging cloud-native technology and modern software architecture can bring efficiency to the next level for globally scaled Software-as-a-Service solutions,” according to the article.  

However, with a globally scalable application such as the hearing aid manufacturer’s, the developers face a multitude of country-specific data protection laws and regulations. The article explains that these must be considered right from the start. Compliance programs can help, because they ensure compliance with laws, and by focusing on people, contribute to social sustainability.  

While developing the SaaS solution for the hearing aid manufacturer, Helbling instead introduced data privacy protection at the infrastructure level. For this purpose, it implemented a gatekeeper device for access control. The device “ensures that no data protection laws are violated during access”. ko

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