Helbling uses testing concepts to optimize supply chains

03 October 2023 09:03

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Zurich - Helbling enables industrial companies to optimize their supply chains. Specifically, the engineering and consulting firm develops end-to-end testing concepts that facilitate flexibility and security even when faced with demand fluctuations and supplier bottlenecks.

With the help of end-to-end testing concepts, industrial companies can respond more flexibly to fluctuations in demand, supply chain bottlenecks and shortages of skilled labor. Helbling, a Zurich-based engineering and consulting firm, has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of testing equipment and processes that can support companies, according to a technical article.

One example is the process Helbling developed for a Swiss mechanical engineering company that enabled subsystems to be commissioned and qualified at the supplier's premises. This eliminated the need to assemble and commission the entire system internally at Helbling’s client. As a result, the client could save workspace and its employees could concentrate on the core subsystems.

Another advantage is that any defects can be identified and eliminated before the system leaves the supplier. According to Helbling’s experts, errors are usually spotted during final assembly or when the product arrives at the end customer, which can damage reputation as well as cause time pressure and high additional costs.

The key to the concept is that Helbling and the client collaboratively developed the testing equipment. As a result, the machine builder can test and compare the functions and performance parameters of suppliers' subsystems. Such test equipment ranges from small diagnostic devices to tabletop test stations and large systems. To guarantee a universal testing platform with a one-off investment, hardware and software must be modular.

The technical article also discusses how continuous and digitized data collection can generate further benefits. Transparent performance data, for example, simplifies the comparison of individual suppliers. ko/ce

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