Helfer Watches and iSwiss named as winners of the iSuccess Award in Dubai

03 February 2023 11:24

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Dubai/Geneva/Poschiavo - Two Swiss businessmen have claimed prizes at the iSuccess Awards in Dubai: Christopher Aleo, CEO of the custodian bank iSwiss, and Livio Helfer, founder of Helfer Watches. The award recognizes innovations in various areas of life worldwide.

At the iSuccess Awards in Dubai, the achievements of a couple of Swiss stars from two of the country’s most traditional industries have been recognized: watches and banks. According to a press release, these are Christopher Aleo, CEO of iSwiss, a custodian bank based in Poschiavo in the canton of Ticino, and Livio Helfer, founder of Helfer Watches Genève, the youngest brand in the Swiss luxury timepiece segment with locations in Geneva and Hergiswil in the canton of Nidwalden.

Born in 1974, Livio Helfer boasts extensive experience as the artistic director of Piaget. He presented his own collection for the first time in 2016 at the Baselworld trade fair, which has since been discontinued. Helfer produces high quality watches with a bold, contemporary design inspired by sports and cars that are marketed at a comparatively affordable price point.

According to the press release, the custodian bank iSwiss, which was only founded by Christopher Aleo in 2022, has become a leading bank in the securitization sector on the back of several successfully completed transactions. A global app is to be launched in the near future, which will allow users to open current accounts and process credit-related transactions. The iSwiss Group has several financial and banking licenses in non-European countries. For example, iSwiss opened a location in Bahrain in May last year.

The iSuccess Awards recognize innovators from across the world that have enjoyed success in areas such as marketing, advertising, television and finance, for example. Last year, iSwiss sponsored the iSuccess event at the Venice film festival. mm

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