Hilcona using the railways for sustainable transportation

20 March 2023 09:53


Schaan - In 2022, Hilcona AG transported nearly 3,000 tons of food by rail instead of by road. By avoiding a total of 223 truck journeys, the Liechtenstein-based food company has made its deliveries more sustainable and succeeded in reducing its carbon footprint.

According to a press release, Hilcona AG transported around 3,000 tons of food by rail in 2022. The company states that this corresponds to 223 truck journeys. In addition, energy consumption was down by a quarter as the company increasingly shifted its transportation to the railways. Emissions of fine particulate matter are said to have been reduced by 79 percent compared with truck transport. According to the information in the press release, all cargo transports from railway company SBB in which Hilcona was the sender, recipient or payer of the freight were taken into account for these calculations.

“The combination of the two modes of transport, road and rail, has a long tradition at Hilcona AG”, comments Patrick Geiger, co-director of Hilcona sustainability and quality management, in the press release. “We realized very early on that it makes sense both ecologically and economically to cover long distances by rail and to complete customer deliveries in our trucks by road. In this way we can exploit the advantages of both systems, thereby generating valuable synergies for our customers. Wherever possible in future, we shall increasingly transport by rail”, he adds. ww

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