[Translate to English:] V.l.n.r.: Nicole Pfammatter, CEO Hotelplan Suisse; Marc Krebs, Co-founder #tide und Christoph Infanger, Christoph Infanger, Lead Product Manager Asia, Travelhouse/Hotelplan Suisse. Bild: Andrea Zeller/zVg

Hotelplan supports #tide in campaign to recycle more ocean-bound plastic

19 June 2024 10:53

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Lengnau/Opfikon - Tide Ocean (#tide), a company based in Lengnau in the canton of Bern in Switzerland, is being supported by Hotelplan in its campaign to protect the world’s oceans. Swiss tour operator Hotelplan is helping to sort and recycle plastic waste. The aim is to collect more ocean-bound plastic and return it to the cycle.

Hotelplan from the canton of Zurich has announced its support for #tide’s activities in Thailand. According to a press release, the partnership will focus on the Road to 1 Billion Bottles project. #tide collects, sorts and recycles plastic ocean-bound waste so that it can be re-used in sustainable products.

As the press release explains, the coastal regions in which #tide is active are popular with Hotelplan customers, so it was a natural step for the tour operator to offer its support to the sorting and recycling campaign. For example, Hotelplan is offering specific tours for travelers with an interest in sustainability, offering insights into waste collection and plastic recycling. Nicole Pfammatter, CEO of Hotelplan Suisse, says the partnership is “an ideal way not only to help protect the oceans, but also to make our customers aware of the issue of sustainability.”

A range of measures are planned “to help keep oceans and coastlines clean and support local communities in their fight against ocean-bound plastic,” adds #tide’s Marc Krebs. He explains that #tide offers training courses, builds infrastructure and networks, shares its expertise, and provides financial incentives to collect and recycle more plastic waste.

According to Krebs, the high cost of removing plastic waste is necessary in order to protect the natural ecosystem: 12 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean instead of in a recycling facility every year. #tide uses the plastic waste to produce the recycled Ocean Material. According to the company, this is a premium-quality material and can be used to make sustainable products. ce/heg

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