Huber+Suhner supplies data systems for Deutsche Bahn

15 February 2024 12:47

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Herisau/Pfäffikon - Huber+Suhner has concluded a framework agreement with Deutsche Bahn for connectivity systems. Data communication for passengers and train staff will be installed in parts of the existing fleet and in newly procured long-distance trains.

Huber+Suhner is equipping Deutsche Bahn (DB) trains with a system solution that ensures mobile data communication for passengers and train staff on board ICE trains and also supports the 5G standard. According to a statement from the company based in Herisau in the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden and Pfäffikon in the canton of Zurich, the order includes retrofitting the WLAN supply in parts of the existing ICE fleet as well as the new equipment for the ICE trains that will be put into service over the next few years as part of the fleet expansion.

The system is being supplied in a partnership between Huber+Suhner AG and its British counterpart McLaren Applied. Huber+Suhner is responsible for the hardware components and McLaren Applied, from Woking in Surrey, is developing the software and providing the services. The expected sales volume for Huber+Suhner over the multi-year project duration is in the mid double-digit million range, according to the statement.

The connectivity system consists of two subsystems: the train-to-ground communication and the internal WLAN supply.  The connectivity system provides WLAN internet access for passengers on the one hand and connects the vehicles to the internet on the other.

According to the Huber+Suhner statement, the use of high-speed traffic places high demands on the connectivity system in terms of load capacity, availability, bandwidth, transmission speed, stability and latency. Services such as internet browsing, email, downloads, music and video streaming, voice and video telephony, live television and online data storage must be possible. The system must also be able to handle the train-to-ground connection simultaneously via connections with several network operators at once. ce/gba

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