Ethiopian black beer brewed at Brauerei Locher

08 November 2023 09:38


Appenzell - Nubia Brew is launching a new black beer brewed from Ethiopian millet. It is made at Brauerei Locher’s production sites.

Nubia Brew, a young Appenzell-based company, has launched a new beer on the local market. According to a press release, the latest creation is a black beer brewed from Ethiopian millet and Swiss spring water. The first black beer made with millet to be available across Switzerland, it is less bitter than other black beers and makes an impression with its attractive, inviting hue, while still retaining the typically dark color of a traditional black beer. Brewed in Brauerei Locher's production facilities, it is set to fill a gap in the market.

“We’ve always wanted to work together to create our own beer that showcases the Ethiopian art of brewing and combines this with the Appenzell beer tradition,” says Abate Yimam, master brewer and founder of Nubia Brew. “I took an early interest in beer brewing because this skillful craft is widely practiced in Ethiopia and part of the country’s cultural heritage.”

The black beer joins four other products in Nubia Beer's selection. The brewery aims to introduce cultural diversity to the Swiss beer scene with innovative approaches. ce/ww

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