Jedsy cooperates with the TCS to insure drone deliveries

06 March 2024 10:45


Berneck - Drone specialist Jedsy from the canton of St.Gallen has entered into a partnership with the Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) to insure drone deliveries. Jedsy hopes the agreement will enable it to expand its delivery service for medications and laboratory samples to cover the whole of Switzerland.

Jedsy, a specialist in medical drones based in the St.GallenBodenseeArea, has concluded an insurance agreement with the Touring Club Switzerland (TCS). As a press release explains, Jedsy is aiming to expand its service offering deliveries of medications and laboratory samples to cover the whole of Switzerland. Under the terms of the agreement, the TCS will send out patrols to ensure the safety of drone deliveries in the event of unplanned landings or crashes. These patrols will collect the landed drones and transport deliveries to their recipients.

In particular, Jedsy is planning to extend its cooperation with the Dr. Risch Group, a company operating across Switzerland in the field of laboratory medical diagnostics. The Group has 24 locations in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Jedsy’s routes are timed so that any necessary unplanned landings can take place at predefined sites. The TCS’s patrols will ensure the safety of the drones and their medical freight.

“Securing the freight through TCS is an important factor for us in terms of scaling,” says Jedsy founder Herbert Weirather. “This ensures a Switzerland-wide solution.” ce/ww

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