Lantal's Digital Deep Dyeing technology can produce aircraft carpets faster and more sustainably. Image provided by Lantal

Lantal dyeing aircraft carpets with digital technology

28 April 2023 11:46

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Langenthal - Lantal has developed a digital technology for dyeing yarns used in aircraft carpets. This makes the production of aircraft carpets faster and more sustainable. In addition, the technology facilitates the production of lightweight carpets as well.

Lantal is launching aircraft carpets dyed using digital technology on the market. Lantal has spent five years on the development of its Digital Deep Dyeing technology, further details of which can be found in a press release issued by the international company from Langenthal in the canton of Bern. “This is a real breakthrough moment for Lantal and we are thrilled to be able to offer this revolutionary technology to our airline customers around the world”, as CEO Urs Rickenbacher comments in the press release.

The new technology is characterized by significantly lower CO2 emissions and water consumption in comparison with conventional methods of dyeing. In addition, custom-made carpets can be produced within a matter of days, while the Digital Deep Dyeing technology also facilitates the production of incredibly lightweight carpets. “We are convinced that this new carpet technology will be a key factor for our global airline customers in the development of more sustainable and more bespoke cabin interiors”, Rickenbacher concludes in the press release. ce/hs

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