LatticeFlow develops resilient AI systems with the US Army

23 August 2023 10:42

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Zurich - As part of a three-year cooperation with the US Army, LatticeFlow has established a new approach for the development and deployment of the next generation of highly reliable Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. The company describes this approach for diagnosing AI models as groundbreaking.

LatticeFlow, a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH), has been collaborating with the US Army in an effort to unleash the full potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in mission-critical operations. With its AI platform to improve the performance and safety of AI models, LatticeFlow has contributed to a “groundbreaking approach” during a three-year strategic collaboration, further details of which can be found in a press release.

Dr. Igor Linkov, Senior Technical Manager at the US Army Corps of Engineers, describes “the ability to create resilient AI models, which ensures that mission critical objectives are met despite potential disruptions and mis-predictions during deployment” as a distinctive feature of the LatticeFlow technology.

For example, analysis carried out by LatticeFlow revealed that the performance of a state-of-the-art AI model for aircraft detection can fall to 75 percent when used in urban environments. In addition, the results showed that although individual models may work reliably and with only minor performance degradation in the event of radically altered external influences, the overall system can in fact experience a dramatic deterioration of 150x.

These results lay the foundations for next generation AI systems that “we can all trust”, according to Dr. Petar Tsankov, CEO and co-founder of LatticeFlow. He adds: “The importance of this is truly pivotal, especially in the manufacturing, medical, and insurance sectors, where AI-driven predictions affect critical business operations and human lives, and any disruptions can lead to profound consequences”. ce/mm

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