Listemann now offering LMD for turbine components

27 May 2024 10:45

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Bendern/Winterthur/Krakow - Listemann has expanded its thermal process technology portfolio to include laser metal deposition (LMD) services. This process can help to optimize the manufacturing and repair of aerospace components, as well as enabling the addition of specific features and functions.

For the production of critical aviation and aerospace applications, Listemann Technology is now also offering LMD services. This is a laser cladding and additive manufacturing process, for which a focused laser beam is used to melt a coaxially blown metal powder stream onto a substrate.

According to information from the company itself, LMD is vital for prototypes and small-scale production. Moreover, the process can be used for components such as turbines where the size exceeds the limits of standard powder bed machines, as well as for expensive alloys such as titanium and Inconel, which are difficult to machine. To this end, an inert chamber is built into the LMD M400 system.

Melting the powder in-situ enables specific features to be added. Furthermore, the five-axis machine, combined with the NX-CAM software, means that all types of damage can be repaired. In addition, with an LMD approach, it is possible to either manufacture components from scratch, which helps to cut material waste and reduces lead times, or it can be used to complement a low-cost substrate.

Astrid Lecouturier, a process engineer specializing in LMD and other additive manufacturing processes, is the technology expert and contact person for Listemann. The company is set to showcase this process at ILA Berlin, an aerospace trade fair taking place June 5-9, 2024.

The Listemann Group is an expert in industrial thermal process technology. The portfolio includes heat treatment, high-temperature brazing, electron beam welding, debinding and sintering, additive manufacturing and materials technology. The group is divided into two companies, Listemann AG based in Winterthur, Switzerland and Listemann Technology AG based in Bendern, Liechtenstein and its subsidiary in Krakow, Poland. ce/mm

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