The Global Tree C-Sink certification guideline is intended to make it possible to reliably record the climate performance of trees. Image provided by Carbon Standards International AG

Carbon Standards International seeking to suitably measure climate services

21 November 2023 12:16


Frick - Carbon Standards International and the Ithaka Institute have developed a guideline for the certification of climate services in relation to trees. With Global Tree C-Sink, only the actual volume of CO2 removed from the atmosphere is recorded. In addition, the location and growth of the trees are monitored.

Carbon Standards International AG from Frick in the canton of Aargau wants to reliably quantify and evaluate climate services related to planting new trees and reforestation projects. To this end, the Aargau-based firm, which specializes in standards and system solutions for climate-positive agriculture, forestry and industry, has developed a new certification framework together with the Ithaka Institute from Arbaz in the canton of Valais. The Global Tree C-Sink guideline has now been presented in a pre-release publication.

The new certification is designed to only record the amount of CO2 actually removed from the atmosphere and stored in the trees each year. The location of each individual tree is recorded and monitored on an annual basis to see whether the tree is still standing and continuing to grow. In addition, the new standard stipulates a range of criteria regarding biodiversity. For example, monitoring processes are intended to ensure that mixed forests are created as opposed to monocultures. In addition, there is a focus on preserving native tree species.

The preliminary version of the Global Tree C-Sink that has now been presented has also now been released for public consultation. Input, suggestions and feedback can be sent via email to It is expected that Version 1.0 of the Global Tree C-Sink standard will be officially launched in January 2024. ce/hs

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