LLB moves to unify its brand identity

18 September 2023 13:14

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Vaduz - The companies within the LLB Group will in future operate under the joint LLB brand. An updated brand appearance with a new logo also serves to bring the various subsidiary banks closer together in visual terms. Bank Linth LLB AG will henceforth be known as LLB (Schweiz) AG.

The LLB Group has updated its brand identity. The group companies Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG, Bank Linth LLB AG and Liechtensteinische Landesbank (Österreich) AG will in future all operate under the joint LLB brand, while Bank Linth will from now on be known as LLB (Schweiz) AG.

“With our new brand identity, we are moving closer together both in terms of our name and our look”, explains Group CEO Gabriel Brenna in a press release, before adding: “This allows us to emphasize the fact that we are one company with shared values and a joint vision”. The bank’s executive management team is convinced that the new brand will bring the business even greater success “in implementing our strategy and reinforcing our dual position both as the number one bank in Liechtenstein and the region and as a secure and sustainable international private bank”.

The shortened LLB brand name is also better suited to digital platforms. “The brand is distinctive, it stands out and is very memorable”, Brenna states. “Amongst the changes, the color green will remain a key part of the logo alongside our founding year. This emphasizes the strong heritage of LLB, which is something we are very proud of”, the Group CEO concludes. ce/mm

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