Lucerne to become center for artificial intelligence

27 September 2023 09:13

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Lucerne - Lucerne is to become a hub for artificial intelligence. The LAC2 association has been working to set up a digital center for this purpose, with the support of public funds from the cantonal and federal governments.

The non-profit association LAC2 (Lucerne AI and Cognitive Community) was set up last year, with the objective of making Lucerne a center for the development of artificial intelligence (AI). According to a recent article in the Luzerner Zeitung newspaper, the site of the AI hub will be opened on September 29 in the presence of Fabian Peter, President of the government of Lucerne. Donnacha Daly, Head of Studies in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU), will also attend. The new institution will be a hub for interdisciplinary exchange and innovation in the area of artificial intelligence. According to the article, the LAC2 association received a “generous, substantial grant” from the cantonal and federal governments to carry out the project, with several co-working stations and powerful graphics processing units. As well as the technical equipment, the site will host a wide range of AI events, including interactive workshops and seminars, which will provide opportunities to acquire knowledge, network and keep up with the latest developments in this area.

“Our mission is to make barriers to the use and application of AI as low as we possibly can,” says Patricia Feubli, researcher at the HSLU and Board Member at LAC2, in the article. Members of the association so far include graphics processing unit manufacturer Nvidia and the global, Lucerne-based company Getabstract, which specializes in knowledge transfer. According to the association, the project is aimed at a broad range of companies, organizations and anyone with an interest in AI. Annual membership of LAC2 costs 50 Swiss francs for individuals and 15,000 francs for companies. Membership fees are used to maintain the center and establish an AI infrastructure, and are far less expensive for companies than setting up their own structures. ce/ww

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