MATIS CEO Marie Eve Didier wins award in Dubai

25 October 2023 12:54

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Dubai/Neuenburg - Marie Eve Didier has won the Female Entrepreneur Award at Expand North Star in Dubai. Didier is CEO of the Neuenburg-based company MATIS SA, which specializes in the examination, authentication and preservation of works of art.

Marie Eve Didier, the CEO of art monitoring specialists MATIS SA, has won first prize for female entrepreneurs in Dubai. In a post on LinkedIn, Didier explains that she received the Female Entrepreneur Award in the Supernova start-up Challenge at the Expand North Star technology start-up event in the Dubai World Trade Centre. She adds that MATIS technology is the perfect asset for making secure investments in art, preserving cultural heritage and valuing the precious heritage of art, using a hardware-enabled, fully encrypted solution.

The website of the Neuenburg-based company states: MATIS (Monitoring Art with Technology Innovation and Science) is committed to a forward-thinking mission, driven by cutting-edge technology and innovation. It uses advanced multispectral technology and machine learning algorithms to enhance art examination, authentication and preservation, providing art market stakeholders with secure and comprehensive platforms for art expertise that help them to uncover hidden details within works of art. This makes art investment safer and ensures that cultural heritage is preserved for the future.

“We want to thank digitalswitzerland for accompanying us in this journey to Expand North Star,” continues Didier in her post. The Supernova Challenge, which is part of Expand North Star, is the biggest pitch competition in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Expand North Star brings together over 1,500 start-ups and 1,000 investors and forms part of the large GITEX Global technology show. ce/gba 

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