MediCrops agrees takeover of Swiss Alpinopharma

02 October 2023 10:43

Greater Zurich

Pfäffikon/Berlin - The international HealthTech firm MediCrops Holding AG from the canton of Schwyz has struck a deal to acquire Swiss Alpinopharma. The Berlin-based firm has already launched cannabis-based medication on the German market and is the owner of the telemedicine platform Enmedify.

MediCrops has acquired Swiss Alpinopharma GmbH. The Berlin-based firm has already successfully launched several medications for sale in Germany, which is the largest market for medicinal cannabis products in Europe. In addition, Swiss Alpinopharma operates the telemedicine platform Enmedify. Up to now, Swiss Alpinopharma has been part of Swiss Organic Partners AG, which is based in Mönchaltorf in the canton of Zurich.

According to a press release issued by MediCrops, Swiss Alpinopharma cares for a large number of patients every month across dozens of locations in Germany. For this, the company relies on a network of doctors who specialize in treatment with cannabis containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Swiss Alpinopharma also offers doctors CME-certified qualifications in the use of medical cannabis.

MediCrops describes this acquisition as a “strategic move to further develop digital patient care in the booming European cannabis market”. The company, which was the first Swiss business to be licensed to produce THC-based medical cannabis preparations, has outlined its ambitions to become the European market leader. Since 2021, MediCrops has been operating Europe’s largest production facility for cannabis plants and preparations in North Macedonia.

In the press release, MediCrops explains that it is planning to digitalize the way patients are treated with cannabis medication. The acquisition of Swiss Alpinopharma, including the Enmedify platform, brings the company far closer to achieving this goal: “This acquisition is an important milestone for our vision of revolutionizing medicinal cannabis treatment”, as Ivan Mestrangelo, Chairman of the Board of Directors, comments in the press release. ce/mm

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