Medusoil leads consortium to valorize construction waste

16 April 2024 11:43

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Lausanne - Medusoil has been awarded a contract by the canton of Vaud for a collaborative project to recycle demolition and excavation waste. The partners are Texum SA and Agramat SA from Payerne in the canton of Vaud.

Medusoil SA has been awarded a contract for a collaborative project to promote the valorization of demolition and excavation waste in Switzerland, announced a statement. The contract was awarded by the Canton of Vaud’s Office for Innovation and Economic Development (SPEI). Founded in 2018, the startup company is a pioneer in innovative and sustainable binding agents for the construction materials sector.

The collaboration's partners include Payerne-based Texum SA, a company specializing in road stabilization and fibre-reinforced concrete, and Argramat SA, a real estate developer with expertise in materials. The consortium aims to address one of Switzerland's most pressing environmental challenges: the valorization of construction waste through the full-scale deployment of a recycling and biomineralization plant.

“Projects like these, collaborative and impactful in sustainable construction, accelerate the transformation towards a sustainable economy and make a strong contribution to the evolution of the construction world,” Dimitrios Terzis, CEO of Medusoil, is quoted as saying. The consortium's focus on waste valorization aligns perfectly with the growing need to address environmental concerns in Switzerland and abroad, he adds. 

According to the statement, the project is part of SPEI's collaborative initiatives in sustainable construction. The most important aspects include establishing a production line for new building materials or the valorization of construction waste; developing practices to reuse, deconstruct, refurbish and replace construction elements and materials; and generating innovative construction techniques to improve sustainability. ce/gba

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