Microsoft Switzerland establishes a new office in Geneva

03 October 2023 11:30

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Geneva - Microsoft Switzerland boosts innovation and connectivity in French-speaking Switzerland with its strategic move to a modern hub in Geneva’s Westhive Alto Pont-Rouge.

Microsoft Switzerland has unveiled its new office in the business-focused Pont-Rouge district, specifically in the Westhive Alto Pont-Rouge of Geneva, marking a strategic expansion that resonates with its unwavering commitment towards fostering innovation and cultivating deeper relationships in the French-speaking region and across Switzerland.

The move is a step reflecting Microsoft’s broader initiative to strengthen its Swiss market stronghold while propelling co-innovation and collaboration on a central stage. “Relocating to Westhive Alto Pont-Rouge signifies more than just strategic growth. It highlights our commitment to both the Romandie region and the broader Swiss market,” stated Catrin Hinkel, CEO of Microsoft Switzerland, underlining the significance of this relocation. “We see this new location as a central stage for co-innovation and collaboration. It reflects our confidence in Switzerland’s dynamic tech landscape and our aspiration to be at its forefront.”

Nestled in a region well-served by major transport links, the new office stands as a contemporary hub designed meticulously to nurture productivity and meaningful business engagements. It symbolizes Microsoft’s envisioned workspace that is conducive to business growth, aligning perfectly with the company’s enduring ambition to forge robust partnerships and contribute resiliently to the Swiss market.

This establishment resonates significantly with Microsoft’s overarching aspiration to deepen its footprint in Switzerland, and is seen as a tangible action towards empowering organizations and individuals across the nation. The office isn’t merely a physical space, but an example of Microsoft’s broader vision in nurturing innovation and customer relations.

About Microsoft Switzerland, its mission aims to empower every individual and organization to achieve more in an era marked by intelligent cloud and edge capabilities. With a robust team of experts and a network of partner organizations, Microsoft’s Geneva office symbolizes a step forward in realizing the ambitious digital transformation agenda, not just for itself but for its partners and customers in the Swiss market. ggba

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