Momenta moves global headquarters to Lucerne

14 September 2023 14:57

Lucerne Business

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Lucerne - The global venture capital company Momenta is moving its headquarters to Lucerne. It aims to benefit from the region’s growing ICT scene. Lucerne Business welcomed the move, which is expected to strengthen the entire economic area.

The international venture capital company Momenta has decided on Lucerne as its global headquarters. According to a press release, it plans to benefit from the growing ICT scene there. Momenta notes that several international digital and industrial companies have moved to the region over recent years. It is said to offer fertile ground for implementing Momenta’s strategic targets.

The venture capital company is focusing its investments on industrial advancement in Europe and North America. It also recently announced a fund for Industry 5.0 projects. Momenta currently invests in 50 companies focusing on energy, manufacturing, smart spaces, and supply chains.

Momenta’s Founder and Executive Ken Forster commented: “Our move to Lucerne provides a strong foundation to expand our global industrial impact, starting with our 100 million US dollar Industry 5.0 fund.” The business magazine Bilanz has already named Forster as a Digital Shaper in Switzerland. Forster is also known for his podcast series The Digital Thread.

Mathias Lischer from Lucerne Business welcomes the move by Momenta. The step is said to strengthen the region’s venture capital scene and thus the economic location as a whole. ce/ssp

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