MSC launches air cargo in Mexico

13 April 2023 11:43

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Mexico City/Geneva - MSC has launched its new air cargo solution. The company headquartered in Geneva offers freight flights from Mexico City to Xiamen in China with stops in Indianapolis and Liege.

The Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) with headquarters in Geneva is expanding its portfolio of transport and logistics solutions to include the airfreight service MSC Air Cargo. The central location is Mexico City with the Managing Director for Mexico and Central America, Victor Monroy Vollmer. Jannie Davel is responsible for the air cargo service. He has previously worked at Delta Cargo, Emirates SkyCargo, and DHL.

According to the press release, freight flights will be made from Mexico City to Xiamen in China with stops in Indianapolis and Liege. The flight plan for April also includes connections to Anchorage in Alaska and Seoul.

Emilia Pfeiffer, Executive Director of the Swiss-Mexican Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SwissCham Mexico), congratulated MSC Mexico Director Vollmer and his team in a press release on LinkedIn on the launch of the new service. MSC’s CEO Soren Toft commented: “This is our first step into this market and we plan to continue exploring various avenues to develop air cargo in a way that complements our core business of container shipping.” The air cargo service is said to have been developed as a response to client demand and as a complementary service to the company’s container shipping solutions.

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company is an international transport and logistics company that is privately owned and was founded by Gianluigi Aponte in 1970. As a leading container shipping line, MSC has 675 subsidiaries in 155 countries and more than 150,000 employees within the MSC Group. According to information from MSC, it navigates more than 260 trade routes and moors at 520 ports.

The MSC press release states that four Boeing 777-200F aircraft will be used for the airfreight service. These are operated by MSC’s partner company Atlas Air. gba 

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