Nestlé invests a further 135 million francs in Hungary

21 February 2024 11:36

Vevey/Bük - Nestlé is planning to make a further investment of around 135 million Swiss francs in expanding its pet food factory in Bük, Hungary. The new factory, which will be brought online in 2025, is part of Nestlé's expansion project in western Hungary, which it has been pursuing since 2020.

The western Switzerland food company Nestlé is investing the equivalent of around 135 million Swiss francs in expanding its pet food factory for the Purina brand in Bük, according to a press release. The new factory will be brought online in 2025 and will create around 130 new jobs.

The current expansion is the final part of a major project that Nestlé has been pursuing in Bük since 2020, to increase the capacity of the Purina factory from 200,000 tons of pet food per year to up to 500,000 tons per year. According to the press release, the project has a total investment of over 735 million francs and is responsible for the creation of 600 new jobs.

The Purina factory obtains almost half of the raw materials required for production from local suppliers, so the investment will also strengthen the local agricultural industry.

Hungary’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Péter Szijjártó, welcomes Nestlé’s investment. “Nestlé has contributed to the quantitative and qualitative growth of the Hungarian economy, by continuously modernizing its operations and introducing significant industrial innovations to Hungary,” he says. ce/ssp


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