Nestlé launches promotional program for the Mexican economy

27 February 2023 09:56

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Mexico City - Nestlé is launching an innovation and start-up accelerator in Mexico. The B2B Xponencial project is set to be implemented in conjunction with the non-profit organization Endeavor and Mexican entrepreneurs.

Nestlé Mexico has unveiled the first innovation and start-up accelerator in Mexico through its All In innovation platform. According to a press release, the B2B Xponencial project aims to support Mexican entrepreneurship and promote a culture of change and innovation. In specific terms, the traditional sales channels in Mexico, which are still heavily focused on small retailers, are to be transformed through the power of digitalization. According to Nestlé Mexico, the project is being implemented in Mexico in cooperation with the non-profit business development agency Endeavor as well as entrepreneurs from the country.

In Mexico, 50 percent of sales of consumer goods are conducted through traditional sales channels. With more than 1.2 million sales outlets and 2.5 million jobs, “corner shops” are the economic heartbeat of the country. B2B Xponencial aims to promote ventures that contribute to the digital transformation of the traditional sales landscape in Mexico, further details of which can be found in the Nestlé press release.

“At Nestlé, innovation is in our DNA and we always strive to do things differently to achieve our goals”, comments Fausto Costa, CEO of Nestlé Mexico. “We are working to strengthen the culture of innovation and are opening our doors to collaborations with entrepreneurial leaders and innovative minds who share the same purpose and desire to make a social impact”, he adds.

The first call to tender in relation to B2B Xponencial has also been published. It identifies four key challenges: First, the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), bots, data, analytics and technological innovations. Second, the integration of fintech solutions to facilitate credit access with the aim of fueling business growth. The third key challenge focuses on the improvement and optimization of the “last mile” of the logistics chain, while the fourth is centered on improved working conditions. gba

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