Nestlé Polska procures solar energy from Axpo Polska and GoldenPeaks Capital

17 April 2023 11:55

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Baden/Baar - Axpo Polska, the Polish subsidiary of the energy supplier Axpo, and the Zug-based GoldenPeaks Capital are directly supplying solar power to seven Nestlé Polska factories. To this end, the companies have agreed terms on a unique contract.

Axpo Polska, a subsidiary of the energy supplier Axpo based in Baden in the canton of Aargau, has drawn up a long-term contract to supply Nestlé Polska with green energy via the operator of solar energy plants GoldenPeaks Capital. The Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) comprises the direct delivery of 44 gigawatt hours of green energy per year to seven Nestlé factories in Poland obtained from photovoltaic facilities operated by GoldenPeaks Capital, further details of which can be found in a press release.

As such, the agreement is unique in Poland as it covers additional services including property rights settlement. The overall result is a “cooperation model in which Nestlé Polska obtains the energy directly from Axpo Polska and the portfolio companies of GoldenPeaks Capital”, according to Paweł Wierzbicki, Head of Origination and member of the Executive Board at Axpo Polska. Normally, any electricity generated by photovoltaic systems is not sold directly to consumers, but rather fed into the grid for use across the country.

Nestlé Polska has been obtaining solar power from the photovoltaic systems of GoldenPeaks Capital since late summer 2022. Solar power forms part of Nestlé’s sustainability strategy, via which the company is striving to operate on a zero carbon basis by 2050. “This is part of our efforts to diversify our supply and energy sources, as all local factories are already using renewable electricity, sourced from approved suppliers and certified with guarantees of origin”, as Artur Jankowski, CEO of Nestlé Polska, explains in the press release.

The global investment firm GoldenPeaks Capital, which is based in Baar in the canton of Zug, specializes in the construction and operation of solar energy plants and is the owner of photovoltaic facilities in Poland and Hungary. ko

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