Eastern Switzerland strives for a circular economy

16 May 2023 12:56


St.Gallen - The circular economy platform Wirtschaften in Kreisläufen is helping SMEs in Eastern Switzerland make their business models circular. Launched by the Innovation Network Eastern Switzerland (INOS), the platform is supported by the association Next-Generations.ch.

The Innovation Network Eastern Switzerland (INOS) has launched the platform Wirtschaften in Kreisläufen. The aim is to improve the resource efficiency of SMEs in Eastern Switzerland with the help of circular business models. The project is supported by the association Next-Generations.ch, a nationwide network of sustainable companies.

The platform connects companies with experts in areas such as the design of recyclable products and the further development of innovative ideas. In the first phase, coaching is free of charge for up to 25 hours. The INOS platform also provides start-up funding of up to 30,000 Swiss francs for collaborative projects so that companies can share, and reduce the risks associated with, pilot projects.

Also involved in the platform’s work are, among others, epeaswitzerland, which helps companies introduce the Cradle to Cradle concept; Flawa Consumer GmbH in Flawil in the canton of St.Gallen; and Heierling AG in Davos in the canton of Graubünden. Flawa and Heierling are currently working together to develop a circular ski boot.

By promoting innovation in companies, INOS aims to strengthen the competitiveness of Eastern Switzerland. With the New Regional Policy, the Swiss government, as well as both cantons of Appenzell, Glarus, Graubünden, Schaffhausen, St.Gallen, Thurgau and the canton of Zurich for Zurich Oberland participate in INOS. INOS' services also include the Plastics Technology Meets Sustainability and Excellence in Supply Chains platforms. ce/stk

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