Perovskia launches a factory for custom-designed perovskite devices

30 January 2024 13:20

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Aubonne - Perovskia Solar is set to revolutionize the solar cell industry with the opening of an ambitious new factory in Aubonne.

Perovskia Solar‘s mission is to equip all devices with solar cells, transforming the way we power our electronics. Perovskite, the material at the core of their products, is a groundbreaking innovation in solar technology. With efficiencies exceeding 25% achieved in just a decade of R&D, perovskite solar cells are uniquely suited for powering electronic devices both indoors and outdoors due to their exceptional ability to absorb visible light.

Echoing the success of other Western Switzerland start-ups, such as H55, which advanced electric aviation, Perovskia is making strides in sustainable technology. Their customer base includes over 15 market-leading clients in IoT, medical technology, and consumer electronics. This list encompasses global brands, SMEs, and start-ups, ranging from Fortune 100 electronics companies to Top 5 automotive manufacturers. Notable clients include Sun-a-wear, Baracoda Group, and Miromico.

The new factory in Aubonne is a crucial step in meeting the growing demand for their innovative solar cells. “The automatic production line is ordered with a capacity of 1 million solar cells and is expected to be operational in Q1 24,” said CEO Anand Verma. “The auxiliary equipment is in place, and we plan to automate the back-end production by the end of the year.” The company is currently fundraising to expand its team and meet customer needs effectively.

The new factory is set to print a million custom-designed perovskite devices annually, signaling a significant leap in the company’s journey to power digital lifestyles with solar energy. Operational within a few months, this development marks a milestone for the Vaud-based company, which has been garnering global attention, with customers in Japan, Korea, India, Europe, and the USA. ggba

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